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I see my God in you..

Na kuch poocha
[You never questioned anything]

Na kuch manga
[You never asked for anything]

Tune dil se diya jo diya..
[Whatever you gave, gave from your heart]

Na kuch bola
[You never said anything]

Na kuch tola
[You never judged me]

Muskura ke diya jo diya..
[whatever you gave,gave with a smile]

Tu hi doop
[You are the sunlight]

Tu hi chaaya
[You are the shadow]

Tu hi apna paraaya
[You are known to me and yet a stranger]

Aur kuch na jaanu,
[Do not know much else,]

Bas itna hi jaanu..
[but I know this very well]

Tujh mein rab dikta hai
[I see my God in you]

yaara main kya karoon?
[Oh dear, what to do?]

Tujh mein rab dikta hai
[I see my God in you]

yaara main kya karoon?
[Oh dear, what to do?]

Sajde sar jukta hai
[I bow my head to you]

yaara main kya karoon?
[Oh dear, what to do?]

Tujh mein rab dikta hai
[I see my God in you]

yaara main kya karoon?
[Oh dear, what to do?]

Rab ne bana di jodi....
[God has made this couple..]



DO you have any dark spots in your face? a birth mark or sunburns? If you have them, I know this the question you hate most :'-) .

It does not matter whether you are a girl or a boy it affects your personality. I have my personal experience.
When some one point out the dark spot in your face and asks "Hey, what is it?" you may feel like you want to kill that person.
So friends if you do not have any scars on your face, please do not POINT OUT your friend's scar and ask what is that, because he or she is suffering a lot.

If you have previously mentioned problems you may be using any SKIN WHITENING methods to get rid of this heavy burden.
If so.. friends, I am addressing you.

Skin whitening is used to depigment specific zones of high pigmentation such as moles and birthmarks to match the surrounding skin.

The reason claimed for singer Michael Jackson's change in skin is due to vitiligo on the finger nails of his right hand and depigmentation was used to achieve a more matching appearance.
(well...he had money and he did not have anything to do with that)

The most popular method of skin whitening is applying skin whitening creams (or fairness creams). Have you ever thought what is inside that tube?? Most of the Sri Lankan cosmetics (specially when they introduce their product as an ayurvedic product) the producers do not mention the chemical ingrediants in it. They and God know what is inside that attractive rapper.
You are using them at your own risk :-0


many skin whiteners contain toxic mercury such as mercury chloride or ammoniated mecury as the active ingredients.

It's componets have potent antioxidant ability (means it has the ability to make you fair ;-)).
It does not bleach the skin. It can only distrupt the synthesis and production of melanin hyperpigmentation.
It has been banned in UK and France because of the cancer risk.
When exposed to air or sunlight it can turn a strange shade of brown.




By product in the fermentation process of malting rice for use in the manufacturing of sake (japanese rice wine).
With the exposure to the air or sunlight it can also turn brown and lose its efficacy.
Some contraversial research has suggested that kojic acid may have cacinogenic properties in large doses.

Component of grains, wheat and barley.
Used to treat acne.
Some research showing it to be effective for skin disclorations.

effective antioxidants for skin.


  • Laser Treatments
More likely to result in problems for those with darker skin tones

  • Cryosurgery
Alternative to laser treatment
Use liquid nitrogen
Efficacy of the treatment depends on the depth of the pigment.

  • Sunscreen
product used to protect the skin from ultra violet rays to avoid damage and/or darkening of the skin.
Some sunscreens can be used to lighten the skin too.
Higher SPFs contain greater quantities of the UVA protecting ingredients.

Dear friends, I personally know the side effects of a best selling fainess cream in Sri Lanka.
It took me years to recover from a skin rash caused by that cream.
If you have any problem regarding your skin you better go to a dermatologist (skin specialist).
They are waiting there to help you ;-)

I have read many forums in internet about side effects of skin whitenning metods.
I could not find anyone who posted good things about those methods.
If you have experiences..feel free to share your ideas.. :-)